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Our Stories Are Our Strength.

Our shared stories and collective struggles are of value. We are of value. All of the tears, rage, heartache, helpless feelings, dismissals and stigma we receive matters. Even if our state leaders are not willing to value them. I do, and I know you do too. So, let’s tell our story. Let’s weave the fabric of where we are and where we have been. Let’s rely on ourselves and our connection to heal where our leaders are failing us. Let’s build our own legacy for our children. Your pain is our pain. Your struggle is our struggle. Your strength is our strength. Your fight is our fight. This is our collective journal. This is all of us. It is our story. It is our values that determine our legacy- not our state leaders. That much is clear.


It starts with connections, but it’s much more than that.

By joining now, you send a powerful signal to the behavioral health world: impactful giving should be a norm, not the exception. Join the collective voice for the SUD field. Together we are stronger, louder and more influential.



Providing development and support to professionals working in the addiction field. Promoting evidence-based improvements in the treatment and prevention of substance use disorder.



We influence change in policy, systems and institutions. Supported by the latest evidence, we advocate for change in policy and practice within government, society and business. Raising awareness about the problems related to addiction and its stigma. Promoting best standards in research in the addiction field.



We champion evidence-led and thoughtful approaches to SUD impact. By equipping our members and communities with research, streamlined giving infrastructure and a local network of experts to learn from, we’re empowering collaboration by bringing resources to the problem solving table.

Why Now

By joining now you send a powerful signal to the behavioral health world: impactful giving should be a norm, not the exception.

A Proven Approach

Did you know the continuum works best together. Prevention, Harm Reduction, Treatment & Recovery professionals create a community that saves lives.

Fact 1

Fact 1:

NC opioid overdose deaths drop for the first time in 5 years.

Fact 2

Fact 2:

Approximately 95% of the students who participate in CRP programs maintain their recovery.

Fact 3

Fact 3:

As individuals continue to mature between 13 and 21 years, the likelihood of lifetime substance abuse and dependence drops 4–5% for each year that initiation of substance use is delayed.