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It starts with connections, but it’s much more than that.

By joining now, you send a powerful signal to the behavioral health world: impactful giving should be a norm, not the exception. Join the collective voice for the SUD field. Together we are stronger, louder and more influential.



Providing development and support to professionals working in the addiction field. Promoting evidence-based improvements in the treatment and prevention of substance use disorder.



We influence change in policy, systems and institutions. Supported by the latest evidence, we advocate for change in policy and practice within government, society and business. Raising awareness about the problems related to addiction and its stigma. Promoting best standards in research in the addiction field.



We champion evidence-led and thoughtful approaches to SUD impact. By equipping our members and communities with research, streamlined giving infrastructure and a local network of experts to learn from, we’re empowering collaboration by bringing resources to the problem solving table.


Not an APNC member? We definitely think you should be.

Why? Because we offer some great membership benefits that all addiction professionals should take advantage of.

Among these benefits are special savings on APNC spring and fall conferences, as well as discounts on both national and regional NAADAC sponsored conferences. You will also receive member savings for NC regional training workshops and have many opportunities to earn free continuing education credits.

  1. Representation in State Government

    APNC has strong ties to the Governor’s office, the Attorney General’s Office, DHHS leadership and the legislature. We represent our members in statewide advisory councils, coordinate the SUD Federation and work collaboratively with The Coalition, the Provider Action Council, and other partners to drive better health policy. These connections ensure access to a wealth of information across the continuum of care. Staff seek input from members to inform our legislative and policy efforts.

  2. Dedicated Staff

    The staff at APNC is composed of prevention, harm reduction, treatment and recovery professionals available to support members via phone or email.

  3. Membership Newsletters

    Individual members receive regular news updates and action alerts in our newsletter, and access to the most current research and training in substance use disorders. Essential updates are sent throughout the legislative session to keep members informed on the latest political trends impacting the field.


Individual membership is open to those interested in the field of prevention, harm reduction, treatment, recovery and peer support services. APNC is recognized by legislators, the Governor’s office, NCDHHS and other leaders as the most effective organization in North Carolina representing the continuum of care for addiction. APNC’s members are viewed as experts in the field and their input is highly valued. APNC individual members benefit from communication among colleagues, increased recognition of addiction and mental health as a treatable condition, and become closely aligned with APNC’s strong, 60-year tradition.

As an APNC Individual Member, you will also receive:

  • Subscription to the official publication of NAADAC
  • Six issues of NAADAC’s newsletter
  • 6-12 issues of APNC’s newsletter Professional networking opportunities
  • A state and federal level legislative voice
  • Timely legislative updates
  • Liability insurance
  • Opportunity to be a part of APNC matters by serving on committees

Join Now

Organizational membership is open to prevention, harm reduction, treatment, recovery and peer support providers. By becoming an Organizational Member of APNC, your agency has full membership in the National Council for Behavioral Health (a $4,484 value) which is the leading national association advocating and shaping federal policy for behavioral health.

Other Organizational Member benefits related to National Council Membership include:

  • Access to the largest advocacy network of behavioral health providers in the country
  • An opportunity to apply for ground-breaking new practice improvement initiatives
  • Access to leading consultants, trainers, and other field experts on relevant and timely topics such as compliance and risk management, healthcare integration, healthcare reform operationalization, strategic planning and more
  • Member discounts for Mental Health First Aid trainings, learning management systems, the National Council bookstore and job postings
  • Access to the National Council Member list serve/li>
  • An opportunity to apply for the prestigious National Council Awards of Excellence

APNC offers the following membership benefits to Organizational Members:

  • Discounts on conference sponsorship
  • APNC’s newsletter
  • Professional networking opportunities
  • A state and federal level legislative voice
  • Timely legislative updates
  • Free advertising (job posts, events and more!)
  • Opportunity to be a part of APNC matters by serving on committees

If you would like access to the tools and techniques necessary to become an effective addiction professional, contact us to become APNC member today!

Frequently Asked Questions


Great question! For APNC individual members, you MUST renew through NAADAC. Don’t worry! Your APNC profile will get updated as well within two business days of your renewal. If you are the key contact for your organizational membership, you MUST renew through your MemberClicks login. Upon renewal, all employees linked to your agency will also automatically renew.

APNC is a proud affiliate, or state chapter, of NAADAC. When you join one, you automatically join the other! Think of NAADAC as your national representative and APNC as your state representative.

Email to state your need, we will send one in the mail to you!

It’s up to you! APNC organizational and individual members get many of the same benefits. However, organizational members are not also members of NAADAC and individual members do not get National Council membership. We know this can get confusing so please reach out to us at for more information.

Oh no! If your training was in person, unfortunately that was the only copy. However, if you took one of our virtual trainings or uploaded your in-person certificate to your MemberClicks page then you can access and print all CE certificates starting from 2020. Simply click the CE log in your MemberClicks profile.


So glad you asked! There is a map in your booklet. The agenda, also in your book, will tell you wish room to go to. You can locate this room on your map and find your way there!

APNC cannot guarantee meals with your specific diet – however, we do our best to accommodate! Please find Emmy, APNC staff, as early as possible Wednesday to go over your special needs.

We are doing this a little differently this year, so please read on and listen carefully during announcements Your sheet you get initialized acts as your certificate. You will scan a copy to NC5APPB (or your respective practice board) to get your hours. In order to obtain the approval number, you MUST take the evaluation after conference. the thank you page will display the approval number that you may copy down onto your certificate before you submit.

As it will be the only copy, APNC will not be able to provide additional backup if you lose your sheet. Please hold on to them tightly!

APNC is not allowed to post, print, or provide the slides used in sessions. Therefore, we encourage you to meet your presenters! You may reach out to them directly to obtain a copy of any presentation should they allow.

Yay! We love that. We hope you’ll join the APNC family. Please stop by the registration desk at any point during conference and speak to an APNC staff member.

The hotel does its best to keep the entire area t a comfortable temperature. In extreme situations, APNC will ask them to adjust – however the thermostat does not change as much as it feels! When sitting still in long classes, its normal to begin feeling colder (similar to when you’re sleeping!). Please plan to come dressed in layers depending on how cold/hot you typically run.

APNC does not include breakfast at our conference. There will be a light snack during the morning break and lunch is provided. If you get hungry early, try to plan to eat at the Holiday Inn’s restaurant, snacks from your room, any fast food nearby, or if you’re staying offsite – the breakfast there. Find You Village also has food for the first 50 people.

APNC can only sign off (or initial on your certificate sheet) for sessions you fully attended.

Every session at the conference receives NC5APPB CE credit. If you have an addictions license (ex. lCAS, CSAC, etc.) you do not need to pay for CE credits. Additional credit was granted for certain sessions by boards outside of addictions. You <strongdo need to pay if your practice board is not NC5APPB (ex. LPC, LMFT, LCSW, etc.)

Yes! Your original choices helped us decide which ballroom to place each session in – however, you may change at any time without telling or confirming with us. We think they’re all great!