Code of Ethics

NAADAC Code of Ethics


I shall affirm diversity among colleagues or clients regardless of age, gender, sexual orientation, ethnic/racial background, religious/spiritual beliefs, marital status, political beliefs, or mental/physical disability.

I understand that the ability to do good is based on an underlying concern for the well being of others. I shall act for the good of others and exercise respect, sensitivity, and insight. I understand that my primary professional responsibility and loyalty is to the welfare of my clients, and I shall work for the client irrespective of who actually pays his/her fees.

I understand and respect the fundamental human right of all individuals to self-determination and to make decisions that they consider in their own best interest. I shall be open and clear about the nature, extent, probable effectiveness, and cost of my services to allow each individual to make an informed decision about his or her own care.

I understand that effectiveness in my profession is largely based on the ability to be worthy of trust, and I shall work to the best of my ability to act consistently within the bounds of a known moral universe, to faithfully fulfill the terms of both personal and professional commitments, to safeguard fiduciary relationships consistently, and to speak the truth as it is known to me.

I understand that laws and regulations exist for the good ordering of society and for the restraint of harm and evil, and I am aware of those laws and regulations that are relevant both personally and professionally and follow them, while reserving the right to commit civil disobedience.

I understand that personal and professional commitments and relationships create a network of rights and corresponding duties. I shall work to the best of my ability to safeguard the natural and consensual rights of each individual and fulfill those duties required of me.

I understand that I must seek to nurture and support the development of a relationship of equals rather than to take unfair advantage of individuals who are vulnerable and exploitable.

I understand that every decision and action has ethical implication leading either to benefit or harm, and I shall carefully consider whether any of my decisions or actions has the potential to produce harm of a physical, psychological, financial, legal, or spiritual nature before implementing them.

I shall operate under the principle of Duty of Care and shall maintain a working/therapeutic environment in which clients, colleagues, and employees can be safe from the threat of physical, emotional or intellectual harm.

(December 2004)

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