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APNC 2016 Board Canditdates

As outlined in APNC’s Bylaws, the Nominations and Elections Committee, chaired by Wenn Rivenbark, requested suggestions from voting members in the Jan/Feb Newsletter and put

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APNC Recovery Month Grants Announced

APNC invites members to apply for seed money grants to assist their agency’s 2015 September National Recovery Month public events. APNC will provide $4000 to distribute across the state to help fund activities as requested by members in that region. Since 2009, we provided seed money to fund or partially fund thirty-four events, with grants awards ranging from $250.00 for small community events to $1000.00 for larger regional efforts.

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March to Membership

Not an APNC Member? Join APNC/NAADAC for only $99 during our March to Membership Drive! Special offer available now through March 31, 2016, for  new

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Nuts and Bolts of Prevention in Integrated Care Lunch and Learn

“The Affordable Care Act”, “SBIRT”, “Integrated Care”, “The National Prevention Strategy”, “behavioral health”… What does this all mean and how do prevention services fit into this rapidly changing health care delivery system. This workshop will examine the role of prevention in this newly emerging system.

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