2017 APNC Board Election Results

Thank you to everyone who participated in the election for our 2017 APNC Board of Directors. Over 20% of our membership participated in this election. As a result, we have a great mix of experienced and new board members. We’re especially pleased at the breadth of recognition and leadership experience our board has in other…

Impact of Bullying and Substance Abuse on Adolescents

Join us for an interactive session on bullying and its impact on substance abuse and adolescents. We will identify characteristics of students most likely to be bullied and to bully as well as the link between substance abuse and bullying. We will review facts about teens, drinking and drugs; signs and symptoms of substance abuse and assessment tools to determine if a child is a bully or being bullied.

APNC Western Regional Training: Working with Military Populations

An introduction to military culture and how active duty service members access MH/SA services. Participants will get an overview of how the United States Marine Corps/NA VY implement their substance abuse treatment and prevention programs.. Information on referrals, rank str ucturing, prevention interventions, treatment practices and standards, along with cultural norms and the climate of the active duty Marine or Sailor.

Fall Conference Awards

APNC members, it is your time to take advantage of the opportunity to recognize those hard working and diligent in the field. In the words of, Awards Committee Chairman Phil Mooring, “APNC is made up of the most highly skilled and dedicated professionals to be found anywhere in the nation. These awards present a unique…

2016 Recovery Months Grants Available

APNC invites members to apply for seed money grants to assist their agency’s 2016 September National Recovery Month public events. APNC will provide $4000 to distribute across the state to help fund activities as requested by members in that region. Since 2009, we provided seed money to fund or partially fund thirty-four events, with grants…

South Central Regional Training: SA and Older Adults

The APNC South Western Region is proud to offer Prescription and other Substance Abuse in our Aging Community, presented by: Micheal Leone. “Prescription and other Substance Abuse in our Aging Community” is an interactive presentation designed to assist the attendees in use of screening tools to identifying substance use disorders in older adults, identify barriers to treatment, build competencies in working with older adults, and review MI strategies, and integrated health care models of care.